How to do SEO for Website Free Step by Step for Beginners

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Today we will learn how to do SEO for website free step by step. How important SEO is to a web designer cannot be overstated. But today I will say something that I think will be very useful for those who want to learn new SEO. Let’s start with how To Do SEO For a Website Free Step by Step for Beginners.

  1. What SEO means?

The word SEO is basically associated with a website.  A process of getting visitors to a website. The process is SEO or search engine optimization.

Let me make it a little easier. You have a website. You have to come up with a process on how to get people to this website. First of all the website (How to do SEO for Website Free) has to be introduced with different search engines. Then you have to comment on different blogs. SEO is the whole process of sharing on social media.

how to do seo for website step by step for beginners

How to do SEO for Website Free

This time I will try to give an overall idea about how SEO system works. The process that Google, Bing or other search engines work on is presented to you in a very short range. Suppose you have created a website. The theme is “How You Can Make Money from Blocks”

2. How does SEO work?

Now suppose you have multiple pages or posts on your website about making money from this block. You will be the first to create a site map of your site and you will submit your site map to various search engines. Then the server robot will come to your website and the site map that you have submitted. From that site “How to do SEO for Website Free” map the robot will go to each page and check what information is on your page.

You will check the scope of this page i.e. where there is a link to this page. It will check how unique your article is. A user or visitor will check how much time they are spending on your article.

Needed SEO Tools for website

He will check if he has made any comments, etc. That means the total scope of this page of yours will be checked by every search engine robot. Then he will add his index to this page of yours. Let me tell you how this page of yours comes to the first page of various search engines. That is, after checking the overall range of your page, the search engine robot will give a number to your page and will give the same number to all the pages or posts related to it.

According to this number, the next search engine will determine your position on this page. Google or Bing will put your page or post on fast page or last page. I hope you have understood the whole thing very well. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

How to do SEO for Website Free Step by Step for Beginners

How to do SEO for Website Free
How to do SEO for Website Free

3. Why is SEO important for website?

The importance of SEO for a website is immense. People search billions or trillions every year. People get different types of services through this search. If you want to get your website listed in this search, you must do SEO of your site. This means that the location of your site will be fixed in the search engine. Understand that if you want to reach the people with the service that you are going to reach through the website, you must come through the SEO process of your website.

4. Types of SEO
a. On-page SEO
b. Off Page SEO

Now I will say what is on page SEO and off page SEO but before that it is very important to say one thing about different search engines.

They follow their own policies or rules for SEO. You can’t do SEO in any way if you want to. Of course, you need to follow the search engine guidelines to complete the SEO work. OnPage SEO When you create a website page, all the SEO work that you have done in that page is OnPage SEO. Such as the title of your page, head, image of the page, the content of the page, etc.

  • Best SEO Tutorial for beginners

All these are under on page, that is, the SEO work that is done in your web page is called on page SEO. Now let’s say off page SEO is the addition of web page to the ACO process is done. That’s what off-page SEO is all about. This means that this off-page SEO will have nothing to do with your website. The whole work of off page will be outside. This SEO is called off page SEO. For example, share on different social media, post on different blog sites, backling, directory submission, etc.

Below I am sharing Google’s SEO Guidelines. Please those who are new must read this SEO Guidelines at least once.

5. SEO Starter Guide

If you own, manage, monetize, or promote online content via Google Search, this guide is meant for you. You might be the owner of a growing and thriving business, the website owner of a dozen sites, the SEO specialist in a web agency or a DIY SEO expert passionate about the mechanics of Search: this guide is meant for you.

Black Hat Vs. White Hat

Since you have all read the SEO guidelines, one thing I want to make clear to you is that SEO is basically identified by search engines in two ways.

How to do SEO for Website Free
how to do seo for website step by step for beginners
How to do SEO for Website Free

1 Black Hat SEO
2 White Hat SEO

SEO is basically a long term plan but some unscrupulous people are seen to be doing things at different times, which the search engines give military importance but later punish them. For example, keyword crafting, link scripting, etc. This type of SEO is called Red Hat SEO. Also, the SEO that is done according to the guidelines of search engine is called White Hat SEO.

How to do SEO for Website Free Step by Step for Beginners

6. How to start SEO
First of all you have to do on-page SEO. For each page of your website.
a. One has to do keyword research.
b. You need to do competitor analysis.
The above two actions are very important for your website.
Do these two things as well as you can. It will be easier for you to rank your

On top of SEO I will create a series of tutorials in phases. There will be detailed discussions on topics ranging from keyword research to competitor analysis, meta tags, meta descriptions, directory submissions, backlinks, indexing, etc. I hope this series is going to be a highly effective SEO series tutorial for beginners. If you like my blog, please let me know in the comments.

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